Lucky Lucrin Preparation Protocol






Lucrin preparation should be done in the hood.

  • Lucrin comes in a large needle. It must firstly be mixed.
  • This produces are 22.5mg/1.5mL solution.

For 0.4mg dose in 50uL

  • Take 26.7uL of stock and make up to 50uL (23.3uL of filtered PBS) per dose

If using an alternate source of Lucrin, measure the amount of diluent the Lucrin is suspended in. This amount is X mL (for calculations)



There is 22.5mg of Lucrin in a single vial. Mice require a 0.4mg dose.

22.5mg / X mL = Y (mg/ mL)

(amount of Lucrin in 1 ml of suspension)


0.4mg / Y = Z (ml)

(amount of initial suspension required for a 0.4mg dose for a single animal)


50 - Z = # ml of sterile PBS required to make up suspension to a 50 ml dose per mouse W (ml)


Hence if there are 20 mice requiring doses:

Z ml x 20 = Amount of initial suspension needed

W ml x 20 = Amount of sterile PBS which needs to be added


This gives you the right amount of doses at 50 ml of suspension per mouse (always make up more doses than you need!)


Calculation Example

I have a 1273 ml suspension of Lucrin and need to make up 20 doses


22.5 / 1273 = 0.0176mg/ ml

0.4 / 0.0176 = 22.727 ml (Lucrin needed for a single 0.4mg dose)

50 - 22.727 = 27.273 ml (PBS needed per mouse dose)


For 50 doses:

22.727 x 50 = 1136.35 ml (Lucrin)

27.273 x 50 = 1363.65 ml (PBS)


Warning: Lucrin does not stay in suspension well. When giving IVs draw several doses up into syringe at a time. Don't fill the syringe (take say 3 doses at a time) and don’t leave it in the syringe to settle for a long time or it will clog the needle.