Growth Hormone Recipes


Mel is our resident growth hormone expert


Makes up 5ug/uL (5mg/mL)

  • Remove ALL the diluent from the bottom chamber using a 21 gauge needle and 3mL syringe
  • Suspend growth hormone by adding diluent into top chamber
  • Roll around gently until totally suspended
  • Remove ALL suspended growth hormone and put into a sterile 2mL eppendorf tube



20uL stock + 30uL sterile filtered PBS per mouse = 50uL/mouse

For 5 mice (make for 7):

  • 140uL growth hormone stock
  • 210uL sterile filtered PBS



40uL stock + 10uL sterile filtered PBS per mouse = 50uL/mouse

For 10 mice (make up for 13):

  • 520uL growth hormone stock
  • 130uL sterile filtered PBS

10ug dose in 50uL

2uL stock + 48uL Sterile PBS

10ug in 100uL

2uL stock + 98uL PBS