Cyclophosphamide Treatment



Cyclo Preparation

“Endoxan” Cyclophosphamide powder 1.0g

  • Using a 21 gauge needle, 100mL syringe and blue filter top
  • Filter 50mL PBS into Endoxan bottle
  • Shake vigorously until completely suspended
  • Label with initials and date
  • (Should only be used for the two injections)

Cyclo Injection

  • Mice should receive two doses of cyclophosphamide, 24 hours apart
  • Use 1mL syringes and 26 gauge needles
  • Scruff mice
  • Inject intra-peritonealy (I.P.):
    • 100uL Cyclo if mouse weighs ~20 - 22g
    • 120uL Cyclo is mouse weighs ~22 – 26g