Cheap Staining Method for Cultured Adherent cells


  1. Autoclave a number of 10 mm coverslips in a glass petri dish. Place them into into a 24 well tray & plate cells into the wells as per usual.
  2. After sufficient adhesion and cell growth, remove coverslips to another tray containing wash solution ie PBS/FCS/azide at 4°C. Aspirate & refill or transfer to another wells containing wash solution (more gentle). Fixation could be performed at this stage also
  3. On a parafilm sheet put 50uL of antibodies to test in a grid fashion with a separation suffice to prevent coverslips from touching.
  4. Put coverslips cells down onto the antibody drops and incubate for 20 min.
  5. Wash as before.
  6. Repeat with conjugate(s)
  7. Mount by either dropping mounting solution on slides and placing coverslip on top or by putting mounting fliud directly onto the coverslip (cells up) and picking them up using water tension.