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Welcome to the Boyd Laboratory

Here you will find information primarily intended for members of this research group to access common materials and information. All data contained here is in the public domain however some of the information such as the Contacts page and Lab Meetings pages are password restricted.

The Boyd Laboratory, is situated at Monash University in the STRIP building and is within a department of the University called 'MISCL' - Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories. The history of this research group has been in studying the fundamental mechanisms of the primary immune organs, the thymus and bone marrow. The thymus educates incoming precursors from the bone marrow to recognise "self" from "non-self" to defend us from all things foreign to our bodies. The great majority of these cells are deleted within the thymus and those 1-2% that successfully pass all tests emigrate into the periphery to participate in host defense.

Factors that affect this normal process include disease, irradiation and chemotherapy. It is our aim to understand how to build or re-build an immune system to address these issues.

Recently the laboratory has incorporated stem cells, those that create the immune system, those that regenerate the immune system, that suppress the immune system and those that could lead to successful acceptance of non-self stem cells by the immune system.

Unless otherwise stated the opinions expressed here are those of the author and not of Professor Richard Boyd or Monash University.

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