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Notes to Presenters of Oral Contributions

  1. -Duration of keynote talks: 25 mins + 5 min Q&A

  2. -Duration of invited talks: 15 mins + 5 min Q&A

  3. -Duration of regular talks: 12 mins + 3 min Q&A

  4. -As the scheduling is tight, we ask that you upload your presentation to the computers in the auditorium your talk is scheduled during the break prior to the session. If using your own computer, please test it during this time as no changeover time between the presentations is allocated.

Notes to Presenters of Posters

  1. -Poster display stands have dimensions 4' X 6' (portrait orientation). Please therefore ensure that your poster fits this size. Pushpins for the posters will be provided.

  2. -Please put up your posters during the registration and reception on Thursday 23 May 2013 (3-8 pm). Posters will remain on display till the end of the conference on 26 May 2013.