About Me


Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Information Technology, School of Clayton Campus,

Monash University, Australia

[NEW] I will be one of the invited speakers in ProvSec2017, giving a speech about ring signature in related to blockchain!

[NEW] I am invited to join the Advisory Board of a new cryptocurrency – Hcash!

[NEW] The joint paper with my student PhD student Shabnam Kasra Kermanshahi (together with Ron Steinfeld), “Multi-user Cloud-Based Secure Keyword Search” was given the Best Student Paper Award in ACISP 2017!

I am Joseph Kai Sui Liu. Joseph is my Christian name. Kai Sui is my given name and Liu is my surname. My Chinese name is 廖啟瑞. Many non-Cantonese speaking Chinese people think that my surname is (the Mandarin pronunciation of is Liu). But as I was born in Hong Kong, we are using Cantonese to translate our name in English. The Cantonese pronunciation of is Liu (the Cantonese pronunciation of is Lau). So next time when you see me, please call me 廖先生/廖博士 instead of 劉先先/劉博士.