A lower bound on the maximum permanent in &Lambdank

Let Pnk be the maximum value achieved by the permanent over &Lambdank, the set of (0,1)-matrices of order n with exactly k ones in each row and column. Bregman proved that Pnk≤ k!n/k. It is shown here that Pnk≥ k!tr! where n=tk+r and 0≤ r<k. From this simple bound we derive that (Pnk)1/n is asymptotically equal to k!1/k whenever k=o(n) and deduce a number of structural results about matrices which achieve Pnk. These include restrictions for large n and k on the number of components which may be drawn from &Lambdak+ck for a constant c≥1.

Our results can be directly applied to maximisation problems dealing with the number of extensions to Latin rectangles or the number of perfect matchings in regular bipartite graphs.

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