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Completed consultancy projects:

Feasibility study for Automated and Distributed Monitoring and Control Systems for Water Recycling and Treatment plant for Aquaculture fish forming

In this project, I have worked with L.V. RECIRC to determine the requirements of the operation, then research technologies and then design a SCADA system for recycling and treatment of water for aquaculture fishing form.


Feasibility studies for White Veal growing facilities

In this project, I worked with Vealcorp to conduct an interview with Vealcorp management to understand their vision in conducting their operation in integrated manager in the future, analyze current processes in conducting operation, research technologies to suit their vision, design a feasible solution for ten rearers distributed in Australia and produce feasibility study document of the solution.

Precision Lock Smith for automatic Safe Opening

The scope of the study was to analyze wheel sounds and devise sound recognition techniques for wheel turning and pick up sounds, which could be applied to an electronic information processing system that could provide specific information on lock combinations to a human in the first instance and ultimately to trigger a mechanical device (such as a stepper motor). Feasibility study report was prepared based on studies.

Feasibility Study for KIEL INDUSTRIES for inventory management and control

The processes of procurement and management of raw material, raw material availability tracking, billing, supplier transactions, product identification and tracking were all done manually and these involved detailed paper work. KIís future business vision for inventory management control requires a scaleable and easy to use system to support its vision for future expansion.  This feasibility study addressed this immediate need. Finally, a feasibility document was prepared for the Kiel industries.

Feasibility Study for Integrated Gippsland Medical Practices

This feasibility report deveoped a strategy for General Medical Practices (GMPs) in the Gippsland region to provide a more effective and efficient service both as separate practices and also as part of a regional health service, by taking better advantage of information and communication technologies (ICTs). A multi stage solution was prepared for the region.

Design of I-Office Software Package for business management for Rural SME

This design was done using UML OO methodology and package was developed under my supervision. I visited the SMEs to determine their inventory management and production control requirements and then designed a system. Team consisted of full time and part time developers.