I like nature, photography, jogging, and travelling, however my favourite free time activity is fitness. I participated in several competitions and championships in Europe and Australia and I did achieve good results.

My achievements:

  • 5th place in Arnold Classic Australia IFBB Amateur 2016 (Melbourne, Australia);
  • 1st place in IFBB Australia Nationals & Olympia Amateur 2015 (Gold Coast, Australia);
  • 2nd place in IFBB Victorian Championships 2015 (Melbourne, Australia);
  • 6th place in IFBB Australia National Championships 2014 (Sydney, Australia);
  • 2nd place in IFBB Victorian Championships 2014 (Melbourne, Australia);
  • 1st place in Lithuanian Cup competition 2007;
  • 2nd place in WFF World Championships 2007 (Fulda,Germany);
  • 7th place in Ms & Mr Universe 2007 (Southport, UK);
  • 1st place in Lithuanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships 2006;
  • 2nd place in WPF World Championships 2006 (Naples, Italy);
  • 3rd place in WPF European Championships 2006 (La Grande Motte, France);

Some time ago I discovered the pleasure of cooking and baking. A kitchen is a place for my experiments. It is so exciting to invent and reinvent new recipes... I am also passionate about food styling and photography. You can visit my blog Once in a blue moon.