Yvonne Toh, PhD Candidate

Faculty of Education, Bldg 6
Monash University, Clayton Campus
Melbourne VIC 3800
Email: yvonne.toh@monash.edu
Tel: (+61 3) 9905 2880

Prior Qualifications

MPsych (Educational & Developmental)

Coping patterns and goal achieving behaviour in the perfectionist

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Helen Watt

The proposed research looks at the perfectionist’s goal orientations, learning and coping strategies within the theoretical framework of self-regulation. It examines how coping patterns and goal approaches play a role in the individual’s mental well-being and school achievement. Kuhl’s theory of Action-Control will be used to analyse the cognitive and behavioural aspects. Goal orientations are based on the 2 x 2 goal theory (Elliot & McGregor).


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Conference Papers