Nicole Luzza

c/o- Dr Helen Watt
Faculty of Education, Bldg 6
Monash University, Clayton Campus
Melbourne VIC 3800 AUSTRALIA

Prior Qualifications

M.Psych. (Educational & Developmental)
Grad. Dip. Ed. Psych.


Luzza, N. J. (2009). An investigation into the effects of positive psychology constructs and personality factors on student academic achievement and well-being. Unpublished Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental) thesis, Monash University [Supervised by Assoc. Prof. Helen Watt].

Research Interests

My research interests are related to Positive Psychology constructs and the way in which these contribute to academic achievement and well-being.

Future Plans

I am particularly interested in developing a theoretical model that explains the relationship between specific predictor variables (positive psychology constructs, personality, parenting style and involvement) and academic achievement and well-being. I am also interested in determining whether year level and gender of the student influence the nature and the strength of these relationships. These findings may serve to assist in the development and implementation of positive psychology programs in schools in order to contribute to overall well-being and academic achievement.