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G'Day! I'm a Senior Lecturer (pure mathematics) at Monash University in Melbourne. My research background and interests are in computational algebra, in particular, group theory and Lie theory. My Monash profile can be found here.

Postgraduate Studies

I am the Director of Postgraduate Studies in Monash' School of Mathematical Sciences. Students who are interested in pursuing studies towards a PhD or MPhil (research) can obtain all relevant information here; feel free to contact me or our Senior Administrative Officer John Chan if you require more information.

Visiting Fellowships

I am a member our School's Research Committee that is overseeing two fellowship programs to attract world-class academics for a visit to Monash University. Please see here for more details; feel free to contact me or our Administrative Officer Angelika Nikolov-Arvela if you require more information.

Contact details

Monash University
Clayton Campus
School of Mathematical Sciences
1 Wellington Rd
Clayton VIC 3800, Australia

Campus Map
Rainforest Walk 9 (previous Bld 28)
level 4, room 425
phone: +61-3-990-54771
e-mail: heiko.dietrich(at)monash.edu

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