2007-2009 Ph.D. Thesis in astrophysics (CRAL - Ens de Lyon).
2006 Master 2 (theoretical physics) from Ens de Lyon, with honours.
2005 Competitive examination - Agrégation de Sciences Physiques, option Physique (rank 25/182).
Competitive examination - Admission at Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan (rank 1/40).
Master 1 (theoretical physics) from Ens de Lyon, with honours.
2003 Licence 3 (theoretical physics) from Ens de Lyon, with honours.

Research experience

June 2010-May 2013 Research associate at Monash University, Australia. Collaboration with Dr. D.J. Price.
I developed entirely a new SPH algorithm for dust and gas mixtures suited for almost all astrophysical problems. This lead to applications in studying planetesimal accretion on a planet in discs and in improving the theory of SPH kernels.
Sept 2009-May 2010 Associate research fellow at Ens de Lyon, France.
I derived criteria on the values of the density and temperature profiles for disc to retain their grains. I proved that planetesimals formation by gravitational instability may be possible since grains are growing and turbulent correlations are moderate enough.
Sept 2007-Sept 2009 Ph.D. Thesis at CRAL at Ens de Lyon, France. "Grain growth: the early stages of planet formation". Supervision: Dr J.-F. Gonzalez.
I ran the first SPH simulations of grain growth in protoplanetary discs, showing that particles are not always accreted onto the central star.
Associate Lecturer at the Ens de Lyon, France.
2006 Master 2 training period (Ens de Lyon) "A numerical approach of grain growth in protoplanetary discs". Supervision: Dr J.-F. Gonzalez.
2004 Master 1 training period (Ens de Lyon) "Experimental study of surface rheology". Supervision: Dr C. Monteux.
2003 Licence 3 training period (Ens de Lyon) "Characterisation of turbulent flows with an acoustic Fabry-Perot". Supervision: Dr A. Naert.