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A  Source code overview

Here is a brief and outdated description of various files making up the code:

Filename & Description
allocate.f90 & allocates memory for main arrays
calc_quantities.f90 & calculates additional quantities from particle data
colours.f90 & colour schemes for rendering
colourparts.f90 & colours particles
defaults.f90 & writes/reads default options to/from file
exact.f90 & module handling exact solution settings
exact_densityprofiles.f90 & various $N-$body density profiles
exact_fromfile.f90 & reads an exact solution tabulated in a file
exact_mhdshock.f90 & some tabulated solutions for mhd shocks
exact_polytrope.f90 & exact solution for a polytrope
exact_rhoh.f90 & exact relation between density and smoothing length
exact_sedov.f90 & exact solution for sedov blast wave
exact_shock.f90 & exact solution for hydrodynamic shocks
exact_wave.f90 & exact solution for a propagating sine wave
exact_toystar.f90 & exact solution for the toy star problem
exact_toystar2D.f90 & exact solution for the 2D toy star problem
get_data.f90 & wrapper for main data read
geometry.f90 & module handling different coordinate systems
globaldata.f90 & various modules containing "global" variables
interactive.f90 & drives interactive mode
interpolate1D.f90 & interpolation of 1D SPH data to grid using kernel
interpolate2D.f90 & interpolation of 2D SPH data to grid
interpolate3D_xsec.f90 & 3D cross section interpolations
interpolate3D_projection.f90 & 3D interpolation integrated through domain
legends.f90 & plots (time) legend on plot
limits.f90 & sets initial plot limits and writes to/reads from limits file
menu.f90 & main menu
options_data.f90 & sets options relating to current data
options_limits.f90 & sets options relating to plot limits
options_page.f90 & sets options relating to page setup
options_particleplots.f90 & sets options relating to particle plots
options_powerspec.f90 & sets options for power spectrum plotting
options_render.f90 & sets options for render plots
options_vector.f90 & sets options for vector plots
options_xsecrotate.f90 & sets options for cross sections and rotation
particleplot.f90 & subroutines for particle plotting
plotstep.f90 & main ``backbone'' of the code which drives plotting of a single timestep
powerspectrums.f90 & calculates power spectrum of 1D data (2 methods)
read_data_dansph.f90 & reads data from my format of data files
read_data_mbate.f90 & reads data from matthew bate's format of data files
read_data_xxx.f90 & reads data from …
render.f90 & takes array of pixels and plots render map/contours etc
rotate.f90 & subroutines controlling rotation of particles
setpage.f90 & sets up the PGPLOT page (replaces call to PGENV/PGLAB)
splash.f90 & main program, handles startup/ command line reading
timestepping.f90 & controls stepping through timesteps
titles.f90 & reads a list of titles to be used to label each timestep
transform.f90 & applies various transformations to data (log10, 1/x, etc)

SPLASH: A visualisation tool for SPH data ©2004–2014Daniel Price.
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