Betelgeuse's bow shock (by Shazrene Mohamed) galactic centre star formation (by Richard Alexander) turbulence kelvin-helmholtz instability tidal disruption warped disc



3rd May 2017:
v2.7.0 released.

22nd Oct 2015:
v2.6.0 released.

29th Jan 2015:
v2.5.1 released.

22nd Aug 2014:
v2.5.0 released.

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PGPLOT is no longer necessary in SPLASH 2.0. This FAQ is kept for historical interest and as a resource for other people on the internet still using PGPLOT.

giza is a modern, drop-in replacement for PGPLOT I have written with a nearly feature-complete implementation of the PGPLOT API. It provides link-time compatible replacements for both libpgplot and libcpgplot. Download giza here.


  • How do you get/install PGPLOT? What is PGPLOT anyway?
  • PGPLOT is a library of Fortran (77) routines for plotting applications. It can be downloaded from The PGPLOT libraries were widely used in Astronomy in particular.

    Mac OS/X: PGPLOT and gfortran (Fortran compiler) are available via Macports.

    Problems with PGPLOT installation: