Betelgeuse's bow shock (by Shazrene Mohamed) galactic centre star formation (by Richard Alexander) turbulence kelvin-helmholtz instability tidal disruption warped disc



22nd Oct 2015:
v2.6.0 released.

29th Jan 2015:
v2.5.1 released.

22nd Aug 2014:
v2.5.0 released.

1st Apr 2014:
v2.4.1 released.

21st Feb 2014:
v2.4.0 released.

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Current Status

The current release is 2.6.0 (22nd October 2015) (click to see downloadable files). For a brief description of new features see the version history in the userguide. For a complete list of changes since previous versions see the change log.

Documentation (user guide):

The SPLASH userguide may be downloaded as a pdf, or by browsing the html version.

There is also a paper describing the basic algorithms implemented in SPLASH, which should be cited whenever you use SPLASH for scientific purposes (cite as Price, 2007, Publ. Astron. Soc. Aust., 24, 159-173).


Development version:

SPLASH and giza (the plotting backend in v2.x) both have public repositories, so you can check out the latest and greatest code at any time. Just use:

  1. git clone
  2. cd splash; svn co giza
  3. make SYSTEM=gfortran

Both the splash and giza repositories are generally quite stable, so it is usually safe to get the very latest version. If you have trouble read the advanced installation guide.

If you have installed splash in your home space, you will need to set the following environment variables for everything to work (put the commands in your ~/.bashrc file, so they are set every time you log in):

export SPLASH_DIR=$HOME/splash
Use DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you are on a Mac.

Updating to the latest

The advantage of obtaining SPLASH this way is that you can receive updates:

  1. cd splash; svn update; cd giza; svn update; cd ..
  2. make clean; make cleangiza; make SYSTEM=gfortran

Alternatively, you can download a tarball of the most recent stable release, below.

Current stable release:

checksums           rmd160   90b10850d5abc8b50fb1c857b4b231d964a51f63 \
                    sha256   ed2dfdf4f7a7d7d5b3d0cbd7ef7527a137ec3af6dacd017341d167133dbfa553

Tarball install instructions (for SPLASH v2.x)
Tarball install instructions (for PGPLOT-splash, v1.x)
Version history


On Mac OS/X, the last stable release (and all dependencies) can also be installed via MacPorts:

sudo port install splash

It is recommended that you install SPLASH this way if you have no intention of modifying the source code and want to use it simply as a "black box".

To update the macports installation, use

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port update splash