Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria

Wilsons Prom

Cup Weekend

November 98

Roughly 150 divers turned up for the Saturday night SDFV BBQ provided by VSAG (Victorian SubAqua Group) diving club.

Saturday was blown out, so no diving from boats that day.

SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY (especially) had divable conditions, with a meeting of boats occuring at SKULL ROCK and in the safe boat harbour at the Glennies.

Please click on the small images below for a better look at some boat launching (eventually some of my underwater shots of SHIPWRECK and scenery will be added [I need access to a slide scanner first]).

Monash University Boat Launching Monash Boat launching
In it goes Monash Boat launching
Beach Scene Monash Boat launching
Boats on the beach (RMIT, API and unknown by me). RMIT, API and another waiting to go in
See, It's easy!!!! Heave Ho!
Walking out to the CHARTER boat. It's a long walk in the 'surf'
Reasonably calm Monash Boat launching
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