Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria

Wilsons Prom

Cup Weekend

November 2000

Roughly 150+ divers turned up for the Saturday night SDFV BBQ provided by Latrobe Valley Scuba diving club.

There was DIVING on ALL 4 days of the extended long weekend.

The Monash Uni Club pulled out for various reasons, but I took my wife and Baby down and asked the RMIT club if I could dive with them. They took me out (and then I had to drive the boat :) to the Pinnacles at the Glennies group of islands. Fun Diving - Highest pinnacle was about 1-2m below the surface.

Naturally to retain my reputation as Deep Diving Dan, I popped down to the bottom of one of the granite pinnacles at 27m. See photo below.
This page and it's associated images are all Copyright Daniel Grimm 11/2000.

Some images from down below - taken with Hanimex Amphibian 35mm builtin flash: