Richard Snape Chair of Business and Economics
Australian Research Council Future Fellow

Department of Economics, Monash University
900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield, VIC, 3145
Ph: +61 99031125



e-mail:  bruce.preston at monash dot EDU


Office:  Room 4.39 Building H, Caulfield Campus

Curriculum Vitae

        Working Papers




The Science of Monetary Policy: An Imperfect Knowledge Perspective
joint with Stefano Eusepi February 2015.

Fiscal Foundations of Inflation: Imperfect Knowledge
joint with Stefano Eusepi October 2013.

The Limits of Monetary Policy with Long-term Drift in Expectations
joint with S. Eusepi and M. Giannoni, April 2014.

Long-Term Debt Pricing and Monetary Policy Transmission under Imperfect Knowledge
joint with S. Eusepi and M. Giannoni, February 2012.

Incomplete Markets, Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Dynamics
joint with M. Roca, 2006.

Adaptive Learning in Infinite Horizon Learning Problems
September 2005.







Consumption Heterogeneity, Employment Dynamics and Macroeconomic Co-movement
Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming, with S. Eusepi

Debt, Policy Uncertainty and Expectations Stabilization
Journal of the European Economics Association , 2012, with S. Eusepi

Bayesian Averaging, Prediction and Nonnested Model Selection
Journal of Econometrics, 167(2), 2012, with H. Hong

Learning about the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level: Some Consequences of Debt-Management Policy
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 25(4), 2011, with S. Eusepi

Expectations, Learning and Business Cycle Fluctuations
Technical Appendix [pdf file]
American Economic Review , 101(6), 2011, with S. Eusepi

Central Bank Communication and Expectations Stabilization
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics , 2, 2010, with S. Eusepi

Can Structural Small Open Economy Models Account for the Influence of Foreign Disturbances
Journal of International Economics , 81(1), 2010, with A. Justiniano

Monetary Policy and Uncertainty in an Empirical Small Open Economy Model
Journal of Applied Econometrics , 25(1), 2010, with A. Justiniano

Adaptive Learning and the Use of Forecasts in Monetary Policy
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control , 32, 2008

Adaptive Learning, Forecast-based Instrument Rules and Monetary Policy
Journal of Monetary Economics, 53, 2006

Precautionary Savings and Consumption Fluctuations
joint with Jonathan A. Parker,
American Economic Review, 95, 2005.

Learning About Monetary Policy Rules When Long-Horizon Expectations Matter
International Journal of Central Banking, 1, 2005

Generalized Empirical Likelihood-Based Model Selection Criteria for Moment Condition Models,  joint with Han Hong and Matthew Shum, Econometric Theory, 19, 2003.