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My Humorous Articles

Last modified: Tuesday, 29th April, 2014

Preview: A funny account of a newly married egoistic man who makes a plan to become a domineering husband but ends up being a henpecked. Read to see what was the plan and how it failed...

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Preview: A student appears in an Urdu exam without any preparation and ends up writing funny answers to the questions. Though, I never sent it for publication, it is my favorite article. Caution: This essay is really lengthy. Start reading it at your own risk. If you are in hurry but want to know how this article tastes like, you can read "Moo Aaena e Urdu" (the article below) instead.

Preview: This essay can be considered an executive summary of "Urdu e Mohalla" (the article above this one). This essay was declared best humorous article of ECHO 2004.

Preview: This article is about life in hostels. If you have been living in one, you would enjoy it more. I had submitted this essay to UET Essary Writing Competition 2003 and was awarded "Best Humorous Writer Award". Later, this essay was published in Urdu Digest April 2004 edition.

Preview: If you are planning to gift someone a book on quotes, read this article before you really do so. This essay is about a person who thought the quotes would help his friend to improve himself as a person, but...You can also read this article on UrduPoint.

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Preview: This article was written for ECHO (official magazine of UET, Lahore). Ghorey Shah is just behind UET and it is... Okay, read the essay yourself to know more about Ghorey Shah. You can also read this article on UrduPoint.

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